Warmest Wishes for Christmas & A Prosperous New Year 2024

Dear Freinds, Partner and Colleagues

As 2023 concludes, let’s acknowledge the complexity we traversed. Global challenges from Geopolitical tensions have create economic uncertainty. Furthermore, the World Economic Forum has noted that energy issues and cyber security remain important areas of global governance amid challenges.

According to the WEF, geopolitical volatility, climate-induced disasters, and cybercrime will also be significant risks in 2024.

We are confident that we will overcome these challenges. We know that the world has been through tough times before and emerged stronger than ever.

As we approach 2024, let us hope for a world in which there is more peace and prosperity.

So, as Christmas permeates your hearts with joy, let the New Year fortify you with courage and hope. We all can contribute towards a world of unity, compassion and peace.

We appreciate your partnership and look forward to continuing our collaboration.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Looking forward to 2024.

„Innovating Public Safety: Strategies & Tech Insights from PwC’s Whitepaper“

The „Reimagining Public Safety Operations“ whitepaper explores strategies and advanced technologies designed to boost public safety. It emphasizes the significance of inter-agency collaboration, real-time analytics, and intelligent predictions that aid in decision-making, resource deployment, and threat detection.

Highlighting the importance of using advanced technology and strategic decision-making in enhancing public safety operations

Backed by the distinguished worldwide network PwC, the initiative sets its sights on thoroughly transforming operations in public safety.

Download link https://www.pwc.com/m1/en/publications/reimagining-public-safety-operations.html

Upcoming Attendance: PMR Expo, Cologne – 28th November 2023

I am happy to announce that I will be attending the PMR Expo in Cologne on the 28th November 2023, immersing in the discourse on future-oriented technologies.

Looking forward to meeting new people and catching up with old friends. I am also excited about the technological trends that will shape public safety in the future. Apart from discussing critical messaging I also look to discuss New Standard and innovation in Remote Drone Management in public safety industry (e.g. Secure Live Streaming & Control for Emergency Services. Real time secure streaming and remote control from incident site to command centre anywhere in the world) .

If you are planning your visit too, let’s leverage this occasion to connect and exchange ideas.

Looking forward to our potential interactions.

Best Regards