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"Do you struggle coming up with unique strategies for your product launch?"
“Lack of focus in your marketing campaign?”
“Great product/service not taking off as expected?”
“If you want to see your marketing efforts pay off, maybe it's time for a fresh approach.”
Then you should contact me today
to see how I can help your business grow!
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who we are

TC Promotion GmbH

Your business, built on a strong legacy and a renowned product, is positioned to take advantage of new markets. Regardless, the existing sales operations management seems unprepared for this envisioned expansion. Thus, addressing this becomes our imperative.

TCPROmotion, excels in facilitating manufacturers and distributors to develop new market segments for your product.

Offering consulting and interim services, as well as advice for Board Members and C-suite executives, we assist in launching new products in focused regions, emphasizing sales and marketing management.                                                                                                    

We are committed to bringing your growth plan to life, ensuring that all the details are handled with care and within budget.


Marketing Delivery System analysis (Marketing Channels and Customer Interaction)

Reviewing sales strategy

Reviewing marketing performance

Developing and Implementing “Go-to-market strategies”


Restructuring Sales & Marketing Departments

Succession Planning

Due diligence & Post-Merger Integration


who I am

Angelo W. Saccoccia

Executive Leader with proven success in the Global positioning and marketing of products and systems solutions in a variety of different problem areas and industries.

Holding management position as CEO, CMO and Head Sales Operation in Multinational, SME’s, and Start-Up companies for more than 25 years.

Sales and Marketing orientation with an entrepreneurial, agile approach with a sound experience in Market Entry Strategies, Implementing traditional-digital Model and Business-Development projects.

Dynamic “Teamplayer“ with goal-oriented leadership style, strategic thinker, and professional negotiator with International Expertise.


The Open University Business School – Master of Business Administration – MBA  (2001-2004)
SAWI – Advanced Federal Diploma of Higher Education in Sales Management , Academy for Marketing & Communication  (1992-1993)
SIB – Swiss Institute of Business Administration, Marketing Planner with Federal Certificate (1989-1990)


IMD LausanneDigital Transformation Sprint (2022)
SAWI / SWICO Certificate – Digital Marketing Management  (2021-2022)

Executive experience

Non-Competition clause, (2021-2022)                                                                                                                                                            Further training in the field of digital marketing & digital transformation

Swissphone Wireless AG, Group  CEO (2015-2021)
The Company is specialised  in the development and manufacture of alerting solutions for blue light organizations and comprehensive critical messaging and alarm management solutions for companies and the public sector. The group has subsidiaries in Germany, France, Austria, and the USA. CH, AT, DE, US, F & International Partner around the world.

TCPROmotion GmbH,  Founder & Managing Director  (2013-2015)
TC PROmotion GmbH is a consulting company that provides expertise in marketing and sales to companies who want to enter new segments and geographical markets. Various mandates as CMO & Sales Operation Manager:

  • Interim Management, CMO @ Compliant Concept AG (A Spinn-Off of the ETH Zürich) MedTech in CH
  • International Market Development @ TPL Systemes SA, France, Telecom – Internationally
  • Other large company in Switzerland

Mölnlycke Health Care AG, Switzerland, Head of Marketing & Sales (2011-2013)
A global leader in healthcare solutions. Development of medical solutions for better healthcare – from the clinic to the home – Switzerland

Swissphone Wireless AG, Group CMO (1996-2010)
Positioned Company as Market Leader in Systems Solutions for Alarming, Mobile Communication and Emergency Services in Europe, Managing Market Entry in new European Market and North America.

TCPROmotion GMBH founded, July 1998                                                                                                                                                    Supporting manufacturers and distributors in their pursuit of market development

SONY “Switzerland” AG, Regional Sales Manager & Promotion Manager (1984-1992)
Key Account Management ,Building Special Markets , Increasing Market Penetration

Voluntary Activities

CRITICAL MESSAGING ASSOCIATION since 12.2018 Member of the Bord of Directors 


My approach is simple

Together with our clients we identify the biggest challenges and opportunities for each project and then work together towards a common goal.

Customised approach

Each case poses its own unique challenges and requirements.

The solutions must be exact, achievable, and realistic.

Solutions should be designed to fit the problem precisely.

I can work with you from beginning to end, depending on your needs.

I work directly with you from start to finish, so there’s no confusion about who is responsible for what. We’ll start by understanding your product, then help you understand how to sell it—and where to sell it—so that you get the results you want.

Together & Commitment

I work together with you as partners, sharing my expertise and experience to help you get your product out there into the hands of your customers as quickly as possible.

We stand for HONESTY, RESPECT, RELIABILITY and ACCOUNTABILITY. We work very committed to our assignment in a strong ethical way.

Fee structure

Our fee structure is based on performance and results.

The fee will be defined in advance and in relation to the results.

I favor a performance-based model in which we determine our fee based on your ability to succeed, rather than hours logged


I suggest a first meeting without obligation – because a good chemistry between consultant and client is a prerequisite for mutual success.

In a personal conversation, the aim is to shed light on and understand the most important aspects, background and goals of your project.

The joint exchange will certainly also enrich your perspectives.

On the basis of a concrete project proposal, you will decide whether a collaboration is a good fit.

Let's get to know each other - I look forward to talking to you…

Here our contact informations for any requests or use form:

TCPROmotion gmbh
Zugerstrasse 77
CH -6340 Baar