The Changing Landscape of Digital Engagement

A recent report by #Gartner brought to light some intriguing forecasts for our digital landscape 🌐. By 2025, 50% of consumers will likely limit their social media interactions due to misinformation, toxicity, and prevalent bots📉.

There’s also a growing concern about AI-based content generators, with two thirds of consumers worried about them spreading misleading information 🤖. Is an AI-free brand experience the upcoming trend?

On the creative front, GenAI is setting the stage, expected to be exploited by around 80% of advanced creative roles by 2026 for differentiated results 🚀. But conversely, as consumers embrace GenAI-powered search, businesses have a new challenge: a predicted drop in organic search traffic by 50% by 2028 🎯.

Interestingly, content authenticity is set to get a boost while combating GenAI threats. Approximately 60% of CMOs will likely adopt authenticity technology for brand protection ☑️.

As digital marketers, these prophecies highlight the importance of evolving with our customers and the technology they adopt. It’s essential we continue to prioritize and protect the authenticity of our brand and experience 💡.

Full report here: Gartner